“Any area we mine, we will reclaim. Responsible resource extraction includes a Reclamation Plan that remodels the land into something useful for wildlife that also satisfies the quality of living standards in the community.”


 – Dave Mahar | President, Frontier Stone

The estimated life of the Frontier Stone mine operation is 75 years. A reclamation plan is proposed for the quarry thereafter. The plan involves developing the quarry area into a wildlife habitat and two recreational lakes, 35.2 and 156.1 acres in size, for fauna, particularly waterfowl. 


Upon termination of mining, the processing plant and any miscellaneous stockpiles will be removed, and refuse (if any) will be taken to a landfill pursuant to DEC regulations. Stockpiled overburden will be redistributed over areas to be revegetated and for the creation of slopes along the lake perimeters. A minimum of six inches of soil will be used for revegetation of disturbed areas above the water table.  The lakes will be fairly deep, but will include a 50-foot perimeter of shallow water less than 5-feet deep. 

A seed mix consisting of perennial rye grass, creeping red fescue, alfalfa, birdsfoot, sweet clover, oats and wheat will be applied, along with fertilizer and a small-grain straw or hay mulch spread over exposed ground at a rate of 1.5-2.5 tons per acre. 
The access roads leading into the site will be retained.


The Reclamation Plan Map further illustrates the post mining topographic character of the site. 


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